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Opening the Door for Elijah

Knowledge Base » Calendar, The Jewish » Passover » Seder, the » Opening the Door for Elijah

Results 1-7 of 7 Opening the Door for Elijah
There are multiple reasons and meanings behind the age-old tradition of pouring Elijah a cup of wine and opening the door. Here are some of them.
Should we listen to our inner voice, trust and follow our intiutive knowledge?
Many people assumed that it must be difficult for me to believe in G-d or to practice one religion exclusively. They thought studying and teaching comparative religion promotes a relativistic morality wherein all beliefs and practices are equal
Do we? Does G-d? No and yes. We may find, however, when we begin to reveal ourselves more deeply, that a new "companion" is sitting next to us at one of those unending committee meetings
The year that followed was truly a year of miracles, not the least of which was a visit by Elijah the Prophet
Is G-d a He? Shedding Light on the "Image" of G-d RankRankRankRankRankRank
Is it true that G-d in Jewish teachings is patriarchal--that is, thoroughly imbued with male characteristics and values?
In this exclusive interview, Elijah reveals all, from origins to achievements, and how can we each become just a little bit like him.
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