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Kipah (Head Covering), The

Kipah (Head Covering), The: (lit. dome; Yiddish: yarmulkeh) Skullcap. The head covering worn by Jewish men symbolizing recognition of G-d above.

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Reprinted with permission of the Orthodox Union. To find out about non-kosher fish, see the Non-Kosher Fish List below Albacore See: Mackerels Alewife See: Herrings Amberjack See: Jacks Anchovies (Family Engraulidae). Including: European anchovy...
A Gift from the Rebbe 12 Adar II, 5749 • March 19, 1989 Video
A Gift from the Rebbe
The Rebbe requests Rabbi Duchman to purchase a pair of Tefillin -- on the Rebbe's tab -- as a gift for Mr. Epstein.
Ultimately brilliance can be a handicap, we can become straitjacketed by what we know...
I noticed a footnote in my prayer book telling me to recite a verse corresponding to my name. Can you explain what this is about?
When a hurricane hits, we pray that everyone should be safe and secure, dry and warm. But there is more as well.
Why is there an embroidered strip that looks like a crown on the top of the tallit prayer shawl?
Is There a Special Baby Brit Outfit? How should a child be dressed for the circumcision ceremony?
How should a child be dressed for the circumcision ceremony?
Reshimos No. 5. Monday 26 Sivan, 5691 Details of the Previous Rebbe’s Bar Mitzvah / The Gartel / Four Pairs of Tefillin / Details of the Rebbe Rashab’s younger years / The davening of the Rebbe Rashab (The contents of the Reshimah make it clear that these...
What is Keriah... Laws and Procedure for the Rending... Who Must Rend the Clothing... When Should the Rending Take Place? ... Which Clothing is Torn... Can a "Mourning Ribbon" be Used? ... Where the Cut is Made... How Long the Rent Garments are Worn...
Know Thy Beans Kitniyos in the Modern World
Of the many customs, or minhagim, that we are privileged to enjoy on Pesach, the discussion surrounding the concept of kitniyos is especially fascinating. In truth, the custom itself is somewhat enigmatic, and its application and permutations could fill...
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