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Kipah (Head Covering), The

Kipah (Head Covering), The: (lit. dome; Yiddish: yarmulkeh) Skullcap. The head covering worn by Jewish men symbolizing recognition of G-d above.

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The Skullcap A brief treatise on the significance of covering one's head with a Kipah Book RankRankRankRankRankRank
Provides an understanding of the why and how as well as the accompanying laws and a philosophical explication
Traditionally, Jewish men and boys wear the kippah at all times, a symbol of their awareness of, and submission to, a "higher" entity.
The kipah of the religious Jew versus the head-covering of the utilitarianist philosopher
The tradition to wear a kippah developed as a sign of our recognition that there is Someone “above” us who watches our every action . . .
Why do I have to actually cover my head as long as I know G-d is above me in my heart and mind?
I do not observe many of the Jewish traditions including the kosher dietary laws and the complete observance of the Sabbath. Can I still cover my head with a kippah (skullcap)?
Question: I have a question about the kippah. As a Jewish man who is learning about observance, and slowly incorporating observance into his life, I still have a very long way to go. I was wondering: when is the “appropriate” time to begin wearing a...
Question: I work in an office that is not "kippah-friendly"; I get the feeling that people are throwing judgmental stares in my direction. I'm torn, and not sure what to do... Answer: Let me tell you a simple story: About thirty years ago, a young...
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