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Love of G-d

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Spread Your Wings
As a bird soars the skies on its two wings, so a mitzvah is carried upward upon wings of love and reverence. Problem is, how do we grow wings? If you don't love, what does it help to have a mitzvah to love?
The mitzvah of loving Hashem on five levels
Can a Mortal Love G-d?
Love G-d with Your Evil Inclination?
The Torah commands us to “love G-d with all your heart”. The Hebrew word for 'heart' is spelled with an extra letter: the letter 'vet' appears twice. Our Sages explain that this means that we are to love G-d with both inclinations of the heart, the good (...
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 9
For the Love of G-d
Next the Tanya presents various meditations to produce different types of love to G-d. From the reflective reciprocal love to the ‘golden’ submissive love. Finally, we highlight the ultimate purpose in expressing G-d’s presence in this low world. (coverin...
Here's my problem: It says you have to love G‑d with all your heart. That leaves no room to love people. Doesn't the love of G‑d lessen our love of humanity?
On this miserable morning, I stand before G‑d hungry and unwashed, undignified and unadorned, overwhelmed with the memory of countless holocausts unique to the people of His covenant . . .
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Secret Love
The importance of preserving modesty in our most intimate relationship.
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Are You Talking to Me?
Intimacy with G-d reveals personal meaning in the ups and downs of life.
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Me and My Lover
Letting go of selfish and worldly attachments to become sensitive to the needs of the Beloved.
Question: Having studied Tanya for some years now, I always get stuck at the same point: Through concentrating deeply on how G‑d is at once beyond all things and within all things, how He rules and controls the entire world, and how all is like nothing be...
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