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Minyan, The

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Prayer » Minyan, The
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Minyan, The: (lit. “number”); the quorum of ten necessary for communal prayer
Never underestimate the potential of the individual Jew.
Praying with a Minyan Parshat Vayeitzei RankRankRankRankRankRank
It is said that in the merit of praying with a minyan, one will make a living more easily and be blessed with the fruits of his labor. In fact, even if praying with a minyan causes one financial loss, G-d will repay him by granting him extra success...
Prayer is the service of the heart, and is one of the many ways that love of G‑d is expressed. Although one may pray in private, praying with a congregation has always traditionally been preferable. Every effort should be made to join a congregation in pr...
Will the Synagogue Ever Go Virtual? Why a skype minyan is not okay Q&A RankRankRankRankRankRank
Dear Rabbi, Is it possible to create an online synagogue where everyone would join for prayer through webcam? Could this be a legitimate replacement for group prayer at the synagogue? Answer: Judaism has had a strong presence on the internet since the ear...
Got Minyan? How to count to 10 in 4 steps RankRankRankRankRankRank
To say the Kaddish, there must be ten male Jews, age 13 and up in the room. They all have to be in the same room, not out in the hallway or hiding in the closet. It's best if they are all awake, but if one of them just won't wake up, you can still count h...
The requirement that a congregation of at least ten adult Jewish males be present for the wedding service was evolved gradually. In Talmudic times, when the nuptials and betrothal were two distinct ceremonies separated by up to a year’s time, the nuptials...
A trip to the Holy Land became a spiritual experience even before we took off.
The Jews of the settlement began to feel desperate, and busy as they were, they scattered towards all the main roads, hoping against hope that even at this late hour a miracle would happen and they would find a tenth Jew...
The primary focus of our interactions with others should be to ensure that they have food to eat and to welcome them to our tables.
Question: If the service begins with eleven men, and two leave the room for some unknown reason, is there still a minyan? Answer: If there are not ten men in the room, there is no minyan. Nevertheless, whatever was begun while ten men were in the room can...
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