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Thought, Power of; Positive Thinking

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Amid the babble of the latest theory of psychology, the four-thousand-year-old approach of Torah remains unchanged
When catastrophe strikes, the mind can become prone to fearful imaginings, especially when there have been repeated disasters.
I appreciated the empowering message of The Secret, but I also had some questions. Firstly, is “the universe” a new-age, neutral-sounding pseudo-name for G‑d . . . ?
As a kid, I was told that dreaming about losing your teeth is a bad sign. Is it true, and do we have to take dreams seriously?
How your thoughts create reality
Just Be Happy and Positive!
Practical ideas on how we can change our perspective to create more happiness within our daily lives.
The Power of Optimism
The Art of Happiness
Joy, optimism and faith are integral to overcoming challenges in life. Discover how our perspectives actually create and shape our realities.
How our mind influences our reality
The Power of Positive Thinking
There’s much more to reality than what meets the eye. Not only does our behavior influence our surroundings, even our thoughts can have a real impact on our environment.
Life is What You Make of It
Do events determine how we feel or do our feelings determine the nature of events?
Parshah Shemot
The Power of Positive Thought
"Think good and it will be good" is not just a feel-good slogan. It means that by trusting in G-d, we actually elicit His help from on High. Find out what happened when Moses doubted if he was deserving of G-d's help. (Based on Likutei Sichos volume 36, S...
The art of living consciously
Think Well
Most of us agree that a person is responsible for his actions and words. But do we have control over our thoughts? Learn to choose your thoughts like you choose a tomato.
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