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Manna, The

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Manna, The: the food from heaven provided to the Jews in the desert after the exodus from Egypt
Question: In the Bible it says to rest on the seventh day of the week, because G‑d created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Today Christians rest on Sunday, Muslims rest on Friday, and Jews rest on Saturday. How do you know that you are ce...
Ordinary food is not extracted from heaven. Unlike the manna, the hand of G‑d is concealed in our bread. But there's an exception to this rule: Matzah.
Manna, the "bread from heaven" which sustained the Children of Israel during their 40 years of wandering through the desert, began to fall on the 16th of Iyar of the year 2448 from creation--one month after the Exodus (see "Today in Jewish History" for ye...
The manna is to Jewish history what Shabbat is to the workday week: a precedent
We read in Exodus 16:15 that the heavenly bread fell, and “when the children of Israel saw [it], they said to one another, ‘It is manna,’ because they did not know what it was.” But what does “manna” mean?
Is distributing equal food portions G-d’s way of demonstrating the importance of absolute equality amongst all humanity -- even at the expense of common sense?
We might be at home, or in the synagogue. We might be praying in Hebrew, or in another language. What are we trying to do when we pray?
if G‑d wanted to miraculously ensure our survival in a desert, He needn’t have invented manna. He could have reduced our dependency on food. No appetite, no hunger, no problem . . .
When life runs smoothly without complications, we tend to take things for granted and expect things to continue sailing along. Unfortunately, for most of us, it is only when the arrows of misfortune strike that we wake up...
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