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Sea; Oceans  (7)

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The breaking of the Tablets? I thought we were past that? That was the beginning of the journey, 94 days ago. This was supposed to be its culmination! Are we turning the clock back?
A challenge was recently issued to me by a Jew who describes himself as “positively oriented.” The G-d of Torah, he maintains, is one of wrath, vengeance and prohibitions, whereas his G-d is filled with love...
Giving charity is really not a luxury; it is a necessity for both the recipient and the donor. If we want to survive this recession, we need to survive it together...
The Mark of Truth A Compendium on Circumcision RankRankRankRankRankRank
G-d wants us to remove the forskin ourselves. To demonstrate that as we complete the physical appearance of our bodies, so can we perfect the contours of our souls....
Brit Milah carries the promise of three rewards: the divine presence, the land of Israel, and the royal House of David. What is the connection between these three gifts and the covenant of circumcision?
Why do we drink on Purim? As with all Jewish questions, the answer is found on four levels -- the technical, the symbolic, the homiletic and the mystical
Ordinary food is not extracted from heaven. Unlike the manna, the hand of G‑d is concealed in our bread. But there's an exception to this rule: Matzah.
Were the Egyptians somehow too powerful for G‑d to approach?
Abel rejoiced for the Jews, and thus offered a sheep to resemble the paschal lamb. Cain identified with Egypt, and thus offered produce.
The Burden of Freedom What does freedom mean to you? Thousands of people dream every day of wealth, fame and freedom from life’s drudgery. They are tired of poverty and penny counting, tired of overworking and constantly answering to employers. They want...
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