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I looked at it, and I wanted to crawl back under my warm covers. My children saw it, and to them it was something to experience, to feel, touch, handle and manipulate
We each have to find and define our own individualized path to a relationship with G-d. We must follow the guidelines of our leaders and teachers, but not get lost in the exact emulation of their personal journey.
Reflections on a Blizzard Giving of the Torah in Silver Spring, MD Blog RankRankRankRankRankRank
Watching the snowy blizzard outside my window, I can imagine now the upside down blizzard that emanated from this neighborhood when baby Rachel was diagnosed.
You learn a lot about yourself and your community when relentless weather snarls all your plans . . .
I am looking to follow in other's footsteps—to trace the paths that those ahead of me have tested. She is intrigued by forging her own new path where no one has stepped.
On it’s own, a snowflake cannot do much. It’s too fragile, it melts. To maintain its existence, it must connect with the other snowflakes.
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