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Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming
“Moshiach NOW?”
Drawing on an array of classical sources, this class sets out to clearly define the essence of the Torah mandated faith in global redemption to be brought about by an anointed Jewish King. Clarifying exactly what we are supposed to believe in and why this...
Why Redemption is Integral in Our Judaism
Moshiach: The Big Picture
The coming of Moshiach is a central belief in Judaism and is one of the thirteen principles of faith enumerated by Maimonides. Other fundamental principles like the belief in G-d and the divinity of Torah are more obvious, but how does Moshiach serve as a...
What is the ultimate objective of our destiny?
The Final Curtain
Once the Messianic Era begins — world peace, universal enlightenment, an end to suffering and eternal life — one would assume that having accomplished his mission the Moshiach's central role would no longer be required. Yet this is not the case, to the co...
Jewish Theology, Lesson 6
What Jews Believe: Redemption
In this final class in a six-part series, we reach the culminating and most essential concept of Jewish belief—the belief in the perfection of this world. What is universal redemption? How does it come about? How is it connected to—and the fulfillment of—...
Moshiach Facts, Lesson 1
Questions and Answers About Moshiach
Rabbi Raskin asks and answers five basic questions about the concept of Moshiach.
How do mitzvahs bring Moshiach?
The Mechanics of Redemption
How the cumulative effect of our positive actions results in the perfect world of Moshiach.
Why Didn't G-d Create a World Without Suffering?
The Purpose of Exile
Why did G-d create the world in such a way that we can only experience redemption after having first endured the hardships of exile?
What Does Judaism Really Believe?
Moshiach Myths and Misconceptions
Rabbi Simon Jacobson dispels various popular misconceptions about Jewish belief in Moshiach and clarifies some of the basic ways in which the advent of the Messianic Era is brought about.
A Tisha B'Av Study
Who Needs a Temple?
Why building a Temple on the Temple Mount is by necessity the first stage in making the world a G-dly place. (Based on the Rebbe's discourse Gadol Yihyeh K'vod Habayis Hazeh, 5722.)
The End of What?
Moshiach and the End of Days
What is it that will come to an end in the future redemption, and what will existence be like?
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