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Tohu & Tikkun

Tohu & Tikkun: (Kabbalistic terms; lit. "chaos" and "rectification"); Kabbalah explains that at the beginning of creation, the world was in a spiritual condition called Tohu (chaos), an elevated realm of spiritual existence which lacked the balance and order that characterizes our frame of reference and which therefore “collapsed.” in an event called shevirat hakeilim – the breaking of the vessels, when the light departed from them. This “break” was planned by G-d in the first place, for it was a “destruction for the purpose of building,” since only then could there exist the orderly world we are familiar with, the world of tikkun ("rectification" or "order"). This world possesses lesser lights, but the vessels are plentiful. The sparks of holiness that “fell” when the vessels were broken are hidden within various parts of our world, and awaiting their “correction” through man’s Divine service

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In the course of Havdalah we sniff at aromatic spices and gaze at a braided candle. What are the reasons for these practices, and how exactly are they done?
Our sages have synthesized the paradigms of creation into 39 categories. There are 39 categories of activities considered to be creative. These 39 categories of activity were necessary for the construction of the Tabernacle that G-d commanded the Jews to...
Here’s the short answer: By turning the lights on you are causing a fire right there in your home--there are sparks of fire created by the electricity. Another school of thought explains as follows: The switch closes a circuit which allows the electricity...
Question: Can I ride a bicycle to synagogue on Shabbat? It's a long walk to and my knees aren't what they used to be... Answer: Allow me to preface my response with a short introduction: Firstly, I'd like to express my profound admiration. Your desire to...
The simple answer is yes, it is permitted to tie shoelaces on Shabbat. But just in case you are interested, allow me to share a little background information: Altogether there are 39 general areas of creative work that are forbidden on Shabbat. According...
I am pregnant, due in several months, and I don’t know what to do if I would go into labor on the Sabbath. I am sure it would be okay for us to drive to the hospital in such a case. The question is, is there anything we should know beforehand?
An observant Jew recently joined my staff. He is a reliable employee, an honest man and a hard worker. But for the past few weeks he has been telling us that he needs to leave early on Fridays to be home in time for the Sabbath and the same on the eve of...
The Sabbath, the International Date Line and Jewish Law How does the change in Samoa affect Sabbath for the local Jews? Q&A
Now that the Pacific island of Samoa has changed from the east side of the International Date Line to the west—to be in sync with Australia and New Zealand, its main sources of tourism and business—I’ve been wondering if there are any implications in...
At Work in the Fields of the Lord On celebrating the spiritual and the material
As the sun slides down the sky and the air fills with a golden haze, a small crowd gathers in front of a gray house just south of the University of Oregon campus. It’s Friday night, and they are here to celebrate Shabbat
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