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Tohu & Tikkun

Tohu & Tikkun: (Kabbalistic terms; lit. "chaos" and "rectification"); Kabbalah explains that at the beginning of creation, the world was in a spiritual condition called Tohu (chaos), an elevated realm of spiritual existence which lacked the balance and order that characterizes our frame of reference and which therefore “collapsed.” in an event called shevirat hakeilim – the breaking of the vessels, when the light departed from them. This “break” was planned by G-d in the first place, for it was a “destruction for the purpose of building,” since only then could there exist the orderly world we are familiar with, the world of tikkun ("rectification" or "order"). This world possesses lesser lights, but the vessels are plentiful. The sparks of holiness that “fell” when the vessels were broken are hidden within various parts of our world, and awaiting their “correction” through man’s Divine service

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Tikun: Fixing Up the World From the soon-to-be-released book, “Wisdom to Fix the Earth” RankRankRankRankRankRank
Simple language is always best. Tikun means "fixing up."
The very core of reality is G-d’s shattered dream, waiting for us to pick up the pieces.
World Puzzle
Who exploded the world? What should we do with the pieces?
The Cosmic Twins a parshah overview RankRankRankRankRankRank
The Kabbalists see Esau and Jacob as the embodiments of the primordial world of Tohu (“Chaos”) and our present reality-process of Tikkun (“correction”)
Who Is Shechinah, And What Does She Want from My Life? Exile of the Shechinah and descent of the soul RankRankRankRankRankRank
Who is Shechinah, and what exactly does she want from my life?
Somehow, the very earth we touch must become acutely aware of its absolute nothingness while remaining a complete something. And you and I are given the responsibility to accomplish that.
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
Adam wasn't supposed to eat from that tree. Cain and Abel were supposed to talk things out. Everyone was supposed to get along. That was Plan A
This isn’t a battle between rival ideologies. It’s a struggle between two types of force—one that thrives on order, and another that flourishes on chaos. Can order defeat chaos? Can moderation defeat extremism?
Jay Schwartz spends his days creating worlds and their creatures in cyberspace, searching for meaning within them.
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