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To touch some of heaven’s radiance, then curve gracefully back towards the earth in a glorious ray of colors that are manmade reflections of G‑d’s truth and hope for mankind . . .
These are the colors in the soul, the emotions with which we relate to G-d, in our own inner Sanctuary: blue, scarlet, purple, white...
"I know all about astronomy," insisted the rabbi. "Tvinkle, tvinkle little stah."
The laws, customs, and halachic underpinnings for lighting the Shabbat candles.
A detailed presentation of many of the halachot surrounding the mitzvah of Kiddush.
The 39 Melachot An In-Depth Audio Series on the Prohibition of Work on Shabbat Audio RankRankRankRankRankRank
Torah law identifies 39 types of work that were involved in the making of the Mishkan (tabernacle) and from which we desist on Shabbat. In this series, Rabbi Shusterman explains and looks at the practical applications of each of the 39 Melachot
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