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Israel (Bluzhover Rebbe) Spira

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Hope By Shayna Denburg Blog
Artist's Statement: There is a pit within us all where a constant battle rages. Our struggle. Finding a space of calm is sometimes the sole purpose.
Everyone deserves to be physically, emotionally and spiritually safe at all times. This is not necessarily something we are taught, but it has profound implications for the choices we make in life. It is also the fundamental first principle to internalize...
Being in the hospital can be lonely and depressing, but this 16-year-old girl took the opportunity to bring light and joy to others...
The Power of Hope A Response for Our Times Video
The Power of Hope
In light of recent worrisome events in the world, Rabbi Bryski offers a classic Jewish formula for optimism in the face of adversity.
When does one learn to adjust one’s expectations and recognize that that dreams are . . . just dreams?
We awake with the belief that justice and goodness will prevail, despite the news that bombards us with overwhelming misery, hopelessness, despair and unfairness. Take a look in the mirror and see that miracle...
Dear Son A Letter of Support to My Special-Needs Child
I know you asked the school before you left today “if they knew what they were doing to a kid who had really been trying so hard.” And I know they didn’t have a reply for you . . .
G-d, I want him back! Sharing the heart’s power to heal after the devastating loss of a child
"I feel I have joined a very exclusive club," Gershon pauses, "whose admission price is very steep. A club that allows you a special relationship with G‑d."
After we grieve or cry we leave the world of sorrow and move into the world of action, doing whatever possible to create a better tomorrow.
Her English could only be described as broken at best. But her pride was evident in her erect carriage and the glow in her eyes as she relayed her story
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