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A Taste of Text—Vayikra
Are Self-Esteem and Humility Mutually Exclusive?
Experience your largeness, but at the same time feel your smallness. Talents are gifts endowed to you by G‑d.
—How the ego conflicts with true joy
We may be somewhat surprised to discover that not only is there no conflict between the two, but in truth happiness and humility make a marvelous pair.
How to fly high above any challenge, smash through the most impervious obstacle, take on the entire world without flinching--and be humble about it, too!
Is it a good thing that we’ve become so small?
Man has shrunk over the centuries. At the same time, our planet became an infinitesimal speck in a universe of mind-numbing vastness. Did we become humbler?
The character traits of our people
Compassionate, Bashful, Benevolent
There are three traits, declares the Talmud, that characterize the Jewish people. An analysis of these qualities from the differing perspectives of the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds. (Likkutei Sichos, vol. 30)
Farbreng, Episode 8
True Humility
A prerequisite to truly perceive Torah is humility. Most humble before all was Moses, who received the Torah from G-d Himself (From “Messages”—Season 2, Episode 8)
When to Be Humble
When should we say "the world was created for my sake" and when should we say "I am but dust and ashes"?
I have been duly chiding myself, ever-reminding myself that my accomplishments are only possible by G‑d’s good grace, and, if so, why should I feel any more accomplished than the guy next door?
Worship of Celebrity
American Idols
Today's society reveres famous people just for being famous. What is the difference between celebrityhood and true leadership?
This woman was comforting me because she thought I was crying out of pain, the logical reason to cry after an accident like this. And yet, here I was crying because of the way I would look the next day...
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