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Money & Personal Finance The Economy: Surviving and surmounting the current financial crunch RankRankRankRankRankRank
With the current financial downturn, it is time for a return to basics; to the wealth we always had, but perhaps didn’t sufficiently appreciate.
We think about it all the time, so here's more to think about: twenty articles and stories on the joys, sorrows, importance, insignificance, nature, function and essence of money -- from the Golden Calf to the credit card
Is It Good to Be Rich? Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 4 Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
Is It Good to Be Rich?
Pharaoh offers monetary compensation for having abducted Sarah, and she and Abraham become rich. Is becoming rich a good thing or not? Is money the root of all evil? Or can money be good, even spiritual?
Question: Again you're sending me a nice holiday greeting and again I see at the end that you're asking for money. Why is it that every Jewish organization is constantly asking for money? In my books, religion and money don't mix. Torah is meant to be fre...
Jacob, the quintessential scholar, finds a "permanent home" with the birth of Zebulun, the archetypal businessman. Such is the reality in a Divinely ordered universe, where some things refuse to rhyme but everything has a reason
Wherever one finds oneself, whatever one is doing, there is a purpose to be realized and spiritual profits to be pursued
This week's Torah reading talks about the gold, silver and other precious metals which were used for various purposes in the Tabernacle and later in the actual temple. A seemingly excessive emphasis is placed on the physical and material substances, consi...
Moses knew that the single most potent barrier to unity is money and therefore addressed this barrier before all others.
Is a person who built a beautiful marriage, raised healthy children and did his best to pay the bills, but whose bank account is in the four digits (or overdrawn by four digits), worthless?
In the Pidyon HaBen ceremony one finds a very strange dialogue between the father and the Kohen. "Which do you prefer," asks the Kohen, "your first born son, or the five silver shekels?"
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