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Shabbat Foods

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Results 1-10 of 2737 Shabbat Foods
Our eight-year-old son gets invited to birthday parties where non-kosher food is served. What’s the best way to handle this situation?
Question: I really want to keep Shabbat but I'm finding it very difficult. I'm a smoker, so that's a big hurdle, and not answering the phone or turning on lights is also tough. Any tips? Answer: Like with anything else in life, it is so important to...
Shmuel Question: The past few years for me has seen a gradual return to my Jewish roots. I have slowly become more and more observant; I now keep kosher and don tefillin every day. My problem is that my current occupation requires a 7/365 commitment,...
At Work in the Fields of the Lord On celebrating the spiritual and the material
As the sun slides down the sky and the air fills with a golden haze, a small crowd gathers in front of a gray house just south of the University of Oregon campus. It’s Friday night, and they are here to celebrate Shabbat
For many years, I have had the privilege of teaching Hilchos Shabbos at the Lubavitch House Senior Schools in London and at the Yad Ramah Seminary at Bournemouth. I have always felt the need for an English summary of the Halachos of Bishul based on the...
How to Begin and with Whom / When and How to Invite Guests
Invite Only Sincerely / Bores / Alienated Jews / Hostile Relatives / Shy Strangers / Uninformed Guests / Conclusion: Who Shall We Invite?
Fight the Darkness Keep Rivkah's Flame Alive with the Lighting of Yours...
Add Your Light...
To Be a Sun or a Black Hole? The Message of the Shabbat Candles
A Chabad emissary in the Ukraine touches the life of another through Shabbat candles, and light up their corner of the world with the awareness of G d—which is actually the very message of the Shabbat candle.
Three Levels of Femininity A Kabbalistic understanding of candle-lighting
It is in the power of women to ignite the souls of all human beings—to be the catalyst for their emerging out of spiritual dormancy and becoming beautiful, expressive flames that rise upwards toward their Creator.
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