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Phreddy Wischusen

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Rabbi bonds with the few Jewish residents at a nursing home in Plymouth, Mass.
Jacob Chartoff was born and raised in Boston. As a young man, he attended Harvard University enrolled in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, graduating with a degree in English literature. He chuckled when recalling that annual tuition back then was a w...
Having taken part in the very first parade, he continues the tradition in Canada
On May 3, 1953, Yosef Minkowitz, all of 5 years old, marched in the first Lag BaOmer children’s parade in New York City. He and another 200 or so students from Jewish schools started in the back courtyard of Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Pa...
Chabad hosts more than 80 high-tech high-schoolers at international meet
Robots, once the domain of science fiction, are everywhere. They’ve been designed to replace lost limbs, help people walk, and assist in a myriad of professional and personal tasks. But no matter how many issues technology mitigates, some jobs are still m...
Aircraft carrier one of many holiday sites for Jewish military personnel stationed worldwide
The cleaning, cooking, getting rid of all chametz, setting the table, organizing the seder . . . If you think it’s hard preparing for Passover, try doing it 500 nautical miles away from shore on an aircraft carrier. Lt. Nicholas Fritzhand is up to the tas...
A Shabbat dinner for 300 festival-goers, followed shortly afterwards by pedicabs and a holiday party
Everything is bigger in Texas. So goes the saying, and in terms of this Shabbat—and this Purim—that very well may be true. More than 300 people are expected at Shabbat dinner this week in Austin as part of the annual SXSW (South by Southwest) film, intera...
For three decades, Rabbi Kasriel Kastel has organized programs for inmates statewide
Soon after the Havdalah flames are doused on Saturday night, March 11, rabbis and rabbinical students will be starting their engines and embarking on a Purim adventure across the state of New York. They will observe Purim—a holiday that celebrates Jews’ m...
Students are coming in from all over the world, to then bring the spirit of the Shabbaton back home
“How many people can show up in Times Square and have a mad Jewish party there?” asks Koby Lerner, rhetorically. The 16-year-old from San Diego will be one of more than 2,000 Jewish teenagers from countries around the world to share in a Havdalah ceremony...
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