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Jacob Meeting Esau

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Esau is born red and as hairy as an adult, and so he remains—red, intense, driven, violent. Jacob is born with his issues as well. Timid, a bookworm, Mama’s boy. Yet he is willing to acknowledge and confront Esau...
The Cosmic Twins a parshah overview RankRankRankRankRankRank
The Kabbalists see Esau and Jacob as the embodiments of the primordial world of Tohu (“Chaos”) and our present reality-process of Tikkun (“correction”)
How many Jewish Rothschilds are left in the world? G-d knows we could have used them...
Where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob failed, a young girl could have succeeded
The Smallness of Jacob Why does success evoke arrogance in some and humility in others? RankRankRankRankRankRank
What is the key to graciously accepting blessings in life while not growing callous because of them? Rabbi Schneur Zalman offers the answer, through a study of the words of Jacob, the archetypal beneficiary.
Jacob when seeing his brother Esau ready to confront him, he prepared for the war in three ways. A timely message on the immediate response Jacob prepared for Esau.
Is there lover in the world who loves with the intensity that a hater hates? Evil exists because it is so much more powerful than good
Jacob Leaves Laban, Laban Instigates Esau to Make War on His Brother, Jacob’s Strategy, Jacob Wrestles with an Angel, Jacob’s Reconciliation with Esau, Jacob’s Arrival in Canaan, Rachel’s Death
How to Fight a War How to Study Torah - Vayishlach Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
How to Fight a War
How Jacob prepared for a potentially deadly confrontation with his murderous brother, Esau. Discover the Torah’s “rules of engagement” in a time when we’re forced to wage war rather than make peace.
How a Jew Confronts Threatening Circumstances
There’s an ancient custom to recite the Torah portion of Vayishlach prior to embarking on dangerous travel. Yaakov’s encounter with Eisav conveys remarkable direction in facing unnatural challenges and mortal enemies.
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