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The Midrash tells us that Moses taught the Torah in Seventy languages, the seventy primary languages of the world. The Talmud relates that when King Talmi asked the sages to translate the Torah into Greek it was deemed a tragedy. What is the tragedy Moses...
Teshuvah, tefillah and tzedakah commonly translate as "repentance," "prayer" and "charity." But these English words fail to express the full significance of these concepts, and even convey the very opposite of their true import
Translation is a sensitive and possibly dangerous process. Our sages commented that the day the Torah was translated into Greek “was as difficult for the Jewish people as the day when the Golden Calf was made.”
Any successful speaker will tell you that you need to speak your audience's language. "When in Finland," the saying goes, "start with Finish." But why does G-d start the Ten Commandments in Egyptian?
Every translator grapples with two conflicting aims: to faithfully convey the content of the original, and to make it understood, attractive and “natural” in its foreign enclothment. How far to go? The Rebbe sees a precedent in the first Torah scroll writ...
Often, an extremely fine line distinguishes between the purest truth and the most distortive falsehood. Why was the Golden Calf the gravest of sins and the most perfidious of betrayals, while the golden cherubs in the Sanctuary were the epitome of holines...
We measured our words carefully and got to the point. I told my husband, “I want to grow. I’m looking for someone who wants to grow with me. Relationships require work. Marriage is hard work. Are you willing to work?”
The Philosophy of Judaism and Joy
Torah and the Pleasure Principle
Professor William Kolbrener tells his personal story of spiritual growth and asks the deep philosophical question, "Can you be Jewish and still follow your bliss?"
All of the prayers in my synagogue are in Hebrew, and I don't understand a word of what we're saying. Should I better read the Hebrew which I don't understand, or the English which I do understand?
The Bilingual Tanya
Mr. Bernard Perrin lives in Manchester, England. In the 1970’s the Rebbe commissioned him for an important project in the dissemination of Chassidism to the wider world. (1970's)
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