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Yaakov Brawer

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Dr. Yaakov Brawer is professor emeritus at McGill University's Faculty of Medicine, and lectures on Neuroendocrinology and Chassidism. He is the author of two books on Chassidic philosophy, Something From Nothing and Eyes That See
Briah and Yetzirah are both products of Kavod Malchus
Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 4
All of Seder Hishtalshalus, with all of its distinctions, is brought into being from a Ha’ohrah of the primal Machshavah of Ana Emloch (Hispashtus of Malchus d’Ein Sof).
Briah – darkness, Yetzirah – light
Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 3
The ethereal nature of the primal “Yesh” of Briah renders it a world that is Bittul to Ohr, and thus, paradoxically, a world of “darkness”. The world of Yetzira, on the other hand, emerges as a world of reduced Ohr and more palpable Yesh and is thus perce...
The paradox of Briah as a world of light-engendered darkness.
Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 2
We have learned that the proximity of Olam HaBriah to Ohr Ein Sof results in a state of self-negation (Bittul). The maamer now explains that although this phenomenon is most obviously true in the case of Olam HaBriah d’Klallus (Adam Kadmon), it is equally...
Beginning the Maamar תתנ אמת ליעקב
Samach Vav: Titen Emes LeYaakov, Part 1
The Maamer begins with an obvious question: inasmuch as Yaakov is rooted in the attribute of Truth (Tiferes), why is it necessary to give truth to Yaakov? The discussion then turns to the issue of why the world of Bri’ah is associated with darkness, where...
Completion of Maamer מרוש צורים אראנו
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim, Part 13
Last week we began the final chapter of the Maamar which explains the role of the Avos in the establishment of G-d’s intent in creation. This last section completes the concept.
Final Chapter
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim, Part 12
The last page and a half of this maamer ties together the issues raised at the beginning regarding the role of the Avos in fortifying the world, and the significance of Etzem and Hispashtus of Malchus.
Two Dimensions of Malchus
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim, Part 10
The essence of Malchus (Melech Hakadosh) is intrinsically exalted and inaccessible to any level of being. The external aspect of Malchus, on the other hand, encompasses creation (Melech HaMishpat). The extension of Malchus that encompasses and is exalted ...
The illumination of Malchus that relates to creation
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim, Part 9
The Avodah of Lechteich Acharay includes Tefillah and the meditation that precedes it. The subject of meditation that fuels the Avoda of Acharay is the Sefirah of Malchus as it relates to creation. This comprises only a superficial ray of Malchus, not its...
The Avodah of לכתך אחרי במדבר: The highest, descends the lowest
Samach Vav: Ki Merosh Tzurim, Part 8
How these levels in Avodah She’b’lev (Tefillah) apply to us. How and why the highest Divine intent is realized specifically at the lowest level.
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