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Shifra Sharfstein

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Shifra Sharfstein is co-director of Chabad of Downtown Universities in Atlanta, Georgia.
True Love: Stories from the Life of King David and King Solomon
What is true and everlasting love, both between friends and between spouses? Here are stories from the lives of our ancestors that depict real, unconditional love as well as conditional love that is not real, nor enduring.
Samson: A Man of Incredible Might
Samson was so strong that the surrounding Phillistines were shaking in fear from his might. Nothing at all could come in his way. Here is the story of his life and the secret behind his strength.
Devorah: A Judge, Prophetess and Warrior
From all over Israel, people flocked to Devorah to hear her inspiration, advice and judgement. Devorah means a bee; here's how her name reflected the message of her life.
Moses: An Example of a True Jewish Leader
Nowadays, many people are in positions of power simply because their egos dictate so. But what is a real leader? How does a real leader lead and what are the qualifications that a leader must have?
The Story of Two Inspirational Mentors: Yocheved and Miriam
Having a mentor means having someone you look up to that can show you the larger picture and perspective of life. Here's how these two women inspired an entire generation of Jewish women.
Our Matriarch Rachel: The Power of a Mother's Love
A mother is forever; even after leaving this world, the connection and bond remains.
Our Matriarch Rivkah: A Mother Making Tough Choices
Taking matters into her own hands, Rivka made a difficult decision that needed to be done.
Our Matriarch Sarah: Learning How to Be a Childless Mother
Though Sara yearned for a child, she didn't give birth until after eight decades of life. What did she do with her motherly love during all that time that she was childless? And, what were the guiding principles that her home was founded on?
Torah perspectives on aging and retirement
The Elixir to Eternal Youth
What is the Torah's perspective to old age and retirement? Learn the Torah's secrets to not becoming old.
What is the Jewish Attitude Towards Parenting?
We wish parents that they will have "nachas", Jewish pride, from their children. Yet, raising children today can be challenging. Here is some Torah guidance for parents.
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