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Tzvi Freeman

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Tzvi Freeman is a senior editor at He is also the author of two volumes of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth -- collections of meditations based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe -- as well as numerous articles and essays on Jewish mysticism, philosophy and practice. He also writes's widely acclaimed Daily Dose of Wisdom, mailed daily to tens of thousands of subscribers. Subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing with the Freeman Files subscription.
Hi, People invest money. G‑d invests people. People invest money into whatever they think could give them back more money. G‑d invests people into those situations He knows could give Him back better people. So, this week, we read the story of G‑d investi...
Dear Friend, Much of my adolescence revolved around playing guitar and singing the songs of two nice Jewish boys—Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. I suppose it’s inevitable that their influence should be somewhere in my writing now. So when Dylan recently snat...
Dear Friend, I don’t like the Three Weeks. I don’t like the Nine Days, which start this Friday. And most of all, I don’t like Tisha B’Av. It’s the lousiest holiday on the Jewish calendar. Tisha B’Av is a fast day. It commemorates the destruction of Jerusa...
Dear Friend, Having torn myself away from a beautiful Passover in Israel, I want to share a thought I brought back with me: Israel is a microcosm of each of our lives and of our planet. Why? Because it’s not just a chunk of land. It’s the promised land. I...
Dear Friend, This is a dangerous confession: I rewrite the Daily Doses continuously. Over 1,000 Daily Doses of Wisdom have accumulated since I started writing them in 1994. And whenever it’s their turn to reappear, they each get a review—and usually a rew...
Dear Friend, A lot of pop-therapy junkies aren’t going to be happy with the message of Lech Lecha. Abraham is told—and so is every one of us—“Go away to yourself.” Go away from your past, your upbringing, all those happenings that formed your personality....
I don’t like to live in the past. Why waste the precious now bemoaning what was when there’s so many opportunities for what could be? Yet these three weeks are a period of mourning for the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, its destruction and the beginning of ...
eXtreme Menorah Lighting
With the aid of a 3D molecular printer, Ari may have replicated the original Chanukah miracle. Or has he? Just how paradoxical is this miracle?
What would your great-great grandmother have to say about all this?
Ari 's latest develpment is in communications technology, enabling communication with the past. It takes someone from the past to tell you where you're headed in the present.
I’m Pharaoh—and I’m Moses
Just how do you propose to run a nation if not modeled on the cosmic pyramid?
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