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Shlomo Zarchi

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Your Inner Moses Life Lessons from Parshat Tetzaveh Video
Your Inner Moses
The portion of Teztaveh coincides around the birthday and passing of Moses. The special qualities of Moses’ leadership enable us to discover our very own potential.
7 Adar and Moshe Rabbeinu
Moshe Rabbeinu's birthday and yahrzeit on the 7th of Adar always coincides with the reading of the Torah portion Tetzaveh, the one parshah where Moshe's name is glaringly omitted. Rabbi Dubinsky also speaks about the importance of following the daily...
As a young teenager, I remember noticing that the first thing the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, did daily, upon arriving at Lubavitch World Headquarters, was pore over the letters that he received from people...
The only parshah where Moshe is not mentioned by name is in this week’s Torah portion; why the exception?
7 Adar The birth and yahrtziet of Moses Audio
The seventh of Adar is the birthday and yahrtzeit of Moshe; discover the special quality of the day he was born.
Understand the Talmudic reasoning behind the date - Adar 7.
The 'mazal' of the Jewish people is stronger in Adar.
One of the purported perks of living a righteous life is that your name lives on long after you are gone. So why does the Torah mark Moses' passing by scratching his name from the record?
When a Jew abandons Torah, does he or she lose their connection with G-d? Or is it the Torah that loses its connection with G-d?
Discover Torah 7 Adar, 5745 · February 28, 1985 Video
Discover Torah
What is the theme of Moses’ life—and of his birthday, the seventh of Adar? Moses is Torah. The entire Torah from beginning to end, even the new Torah insights revealed in subsequent generations, derive from what Moses received at Sinai. So the main thrust...
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