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Chana Weisberg

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Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.

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Dear reader, Rational explanations sometimes fall short. People are different. We have different outlooks, different needs and different ways of viewing reality. And what works for me may not be optimal for you, so rationally trying to convince you to do...
Dear reader, There’s the water that I drink in my wake-me-up, heavily caffeinated morning mug of hot coffee. There’s the water that creates my banish-all-sickness, nourishing chicken soup. There’s the water in the refreshing store-bought sorbet in my...
Throughout most of my childhood, I was chubby. And I don’t mean a little chubby; I was downright fat.
Have we become slaves to our things, rather than masters using them to create joy and purpose in our world?
Dear Reader, Just yesterday, I messed up as a wife and really lost my cool with my husband. Just last week, I messed up as a mother and didn’t give my daughter the attention she needed and deserved. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like life is full of mistakes?...
Dear readers, Several months ago my husband and I, along with our youngest daughter, visited Toronto to spend a beautiful Shabbat with my parents. At the end of the Friday night meal, my father turned his attention to my daughter. My father is an...
Dear readers, Is the Internet something positive or negative? How about sleep? Sugar? Exercise? Work? Intimacy? Marijuana? Marriage? Divorce? Nothing in life is simple. A thinking individual would respond with a healthy, noncommittal “it depends.”...
What Happens to the World After the Loss of a Child My 11-year-old cousin is gone, and everything is the same … or is it? Story
I woke up this morning to a sun that was shining brightly and a sky that was a deep shade of blue. I looked out my window to see trees standing proudly, their leaves swaying ever so softly on this gorgeous spring day. The grass was a lush green, and the...
Dear reader, I was teaching a group of young women, and I asked them to raise their hand if they loved themselves. All the hands eventually rose, but reluctantly. I then asked them to raise their hand if they felt that they had any ugly faults or flaws...
Dear reader, Possibly the most popular phrase in the Torah is “Love your fellow as yourself.” Idealistic words, for sure, but possible? Can we love someone— a stranger—as much as we love ourselves? On the most basic level, this means that we need to wish...
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