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Chana Weisberg

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Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.

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How many battles did you fight today? None, you say? Think again. Did you fight fatigue in order to pry your eyes open this morning? Did you fight the mad traffic jam to navigate to work? At the office, did you fight laziness to climb the stairs instead o...
Can I tempt you? Invest 3 minutes of your time for the next month or so. In return, you will find hope, faith and consolation.
The important thing for me was just to keep on moving, which I knew was great exercise, even with my sloppy strokes.
Dear reader, This past Sunday was visiting day at my daughter’s overnight camp. Waiting for their parents to arrive, campers stood by the gate, gazing down the road, expectantly. As we drove into the camp grounds--the second car to arrive--I spotted my da...
Dear reader, Last week my youngest daughter left for a full month of camp, for her first time. In the last few weeks we went to buy her everything she would need. Together we sat on her bed and labeled all her possessions. And we packed all her belongings...
Dear readers, As the youngest in my family, I always considered myself fortunate to have a special relationship with my parents. (Though I think each of my siblings feels the same!) More than a lifetime wouldn’t suffice to repay my parents for their many ...
Dear reader, Toya Graham is the Baltimore mom caught on video a few months ago raining blows on her son as she pulled him out of the Baltimore riots. Her approach worked. Her 16-year-old son knew his mother’s tough love was for his own good. But what if t...
He would guzzle down my mother’s delicacies, spilling some on our pristine white tablecloth.
Dear reader, Rational explanations sometimes fall short. People are different. We have different outlooks, different needs and different ways of viewing reality. And what works for me may not be optimal for you, so rationally trying to convince you to do ...
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