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Jacobs, Aliyah

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Finding G‑d During Tough Times “Say you are my sister”
Even when we are experiencing our personal famines, our relationship with G‑d is still present and accessible.
Who is the true spiritual leader? Is it the venerable sage who sits alone, nose buried in an ancient tome, or the fellow on the streets, who guides the perplexed and who mentors seeking souls?
Re-Programming our Subconscious: 2 The Power of Creative Visualization
How do we "transform" our subconscious? How do we circumvent our logical, linear left-brain, and go deeper in order to affect a more sustainable evolution of our consciousness? As stated in Part 1, repetitive behavior is one way, as habit...
Going Forth If a block of wood is kindled and yet the fire does not catch on, splinter it until it blazes.
If a block of wood is kindled and yet the fire does not catch on, splinter it until it blazes.
Heaven grants each era a fresh perspective on the Torah, a new insight in tune with the spiritual climate of that time.
My mother lights two Shabbat candles, my father blesses the bread and wine, and as I stare into the candles’ eye, I wonder tonight why do they seem to cry. My mother’s tears find her dress; my father’s find his chest. A somber silence slides between the...
Happiness Is Being There About the one act in life that is perfectly still
All of life is running towards something, reaching for something, attempting to become something. Yet there’s one act in life which is about being there . . .
Becoming the Source of Blessings We were given the power to bless others.
We were given the power to bless others.
Our sages go as far as to say that if not for this mitzvah, G‑d would not have created the heavens and earth; it is the greatest of the positive mitzvot; and considered the equivalent to all of the mitzvot of the Torah combined!
Avraham had already left his homeland together with his father, Terach. What does it mean that G‑d told him to "go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house"? And how did Avraham know where to go?
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