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Destruction of the Holy Temple, The

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Holy Temple, The » Destruction of the Holy Temple, The
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In some articles on your site it says the Second Temple was destroyed in 69 CE, and in others it says 70 CE. So what year was it?
The lamentations of Jeremiah the prophet
Crying over the Destruction
Says the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations, “For these things I weep.” Where were the rest of the Jewish people when Jeremiah was mourning the destruction of the Holy Temple?
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 12
Exile and Your Inner Jewish Child
The first stage of the Jewish people's Exile was when the rabbis were sent away, but the "final straw" was when the children stopped studying. Guest Expert: Rabbi Manis Friedman. (From “Messages”—Season 4, Episode 12)
An Introduction to the Three Weeks
From Tragedy Into Joy
This class begins with a history of the three-week period of mourning for the Destruction of the Holy Temple and continues with an analysis of a prophecy of Jeremiah that hints to the future transformation of "bitterness into sweetness."
A Tisha B’Av Class
Is Exile G‑d’s Way of Punishing Us?
Why it is illogical to say that the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and the subsequent exile, came about as a punishment for the Jewish people.
A Poem of Destruction and Rebuilding, Addiction and Recovery
Rebuild my walls of hope, restore my resolution, lead me, step by step, into Your Holy Place...
"Live and let live!" "It's not your place to mix in!" Are these tolerant voices of acceptance or words cloaking our apathy in our age of impersonalization?
The Western Wall--Where the Soul is Always Whole
The Western Wall is a place of national nostalgia, a focal point for our collective pining over a lost glory. It is the symbol of our hopes for the future. But it’s also a symbol of what still exists...
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