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Karen Schwartz

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Karen Schwartz is a freelance writer whose stories have appeared in the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Detroit Jewish News and Red Thread magazine. A Columbia University Journalism School graduate, she hails from Detroit and currently resides in Brooklyn.

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Celebration and Inspiration Resonate at Annual Chabad Gala A total of 5,200 rabbis and guests focus on the Rebbe’s ongoing influence, 20 years later News
Berel Pewzner, 26, has been to the annual Kinus Hashluchim—the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries—before, but this year was different. This was his first time attending the event as an official shaliach—a Chabad emissary—as...
Recharged and Refocused After International Campus Shabbaton An educational, social and spiritual three-day program creates lasting imprints for a pivotal age group News
David Stein, 18, has been hearing about the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., his whole life. Last weekend, he finally got to see it and even stay there for Shabbat as part of the annual Chabad on Campus International Shabbaton. The three-day...
At Home in Hoboken: The City’s First New Synagogue in a Century Brand-new Chabad center caters to Jews of all ages in a popular commuter city just outside New York News
Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot seemed significantly different for Ori Cohen. This year, for the first time, he really felt at home. That’s because Chabad Lubavitch of Hoboken in New Jersey celebrated a new home—its first permanent space—just before...
Q&A: The Story Behind the Storyteller: Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles What do people really want to hear about, and how does he help make that happen in the holy city of Safed? News
Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles is a co-founder of the Ascent Institute in Safed, Israel, where he teaches, writes and edits, but mostly directs, affiliated with He also moderates Ascent’s question-and-answer forums in its print and...
Have Wheels, Will Travel: Adventures of a ‘Mitzvah Cycle’ They pedal around all-year long, especially at Sukkot time, offering opportunities to do some mitzvot News
Look for Levi Duchman on a bike. Not just any bike, though. The 21-year-old Chabad yeshivah student in Brooklyn, N.Y., is riding around on a modified pedi-cab—an adult-sized, three-wheeled cycle (a tricycle, really) that instead of having a set of seats...
Young Jewish Professionals Can’t Get Enough of the Upper East Side They have found friends and a following, prompted by the hospitality, programs and proactive nature of Chabad News
When Rabbi Yosef Wilhelm and his wife, Devora, moved to Manhattan five years ago, they had a list of about a dozen names of young adults in the area. They had come to Manhattan’s Upper East Side specifically to start a Chabad-Lubavitch branch for young...
What Do Chabad on Campus Emissaries Do Over Summer Vacation? Quite a lot: from leading Israel trips to visiting alumni to teaching at camp and cooking in barbecue contests News
It’s back to school for Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries on college campuses across North America, but that doesn’t mean they all just experienced a three-month break. Many spent their summers traveling with student groups, working at summer camps, or touring...
Communities Draw Together for Tisha B'Av Fasting, prayer and hope for Jerusalem and the Holy Temple amid Israel’s war in Gaza News
As Jewish communities around the world prepare for Tisha B’Av—a day of fasting and mourning for the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 69 C.E.—Jewish people everywhere were greeted with positive messages calling for renewed hope...
More Room in Markham as Canadian Community Steadily Swells Chabad center in Thornhill renovates and expands, following the foresight and directive of the Rebbe News
For Allison Solomon, who lives in Toronto, Chabad Lubavitch of Markham in Thornhill has been a source of joy, support and identity. It’s a place to teach her boys—ages 11, 10 and 7—about Jewish life, holidays and giving back to the community and to the...
At San Diego Comic-Con, a Time Out for Shabbat A Friday-night dinner offers a breather from the hubbub of activity associated with the popular convention News
With Comic-Con International: San Diego just around the corner, Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone, of Brooklyn, N.Y., has been making a push on social media, email and mailing lists to draw attendees to a Shabbat dinner this week organized by the Chabad of...
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