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Canaan (son of Ham)

Canaan (son of Ham): the fourth son of Ham and the grandson of Noah. After Ham discovered Noah naked in a drunken slumber and assaulted him, Noah cursed Ham's son Canaan that he and his descendants would be slaves to the children of Shem and Japeth.

Results 1-10 of 23 Canaan (son of Ham)
Is it hypocritical to resolve to do a particular mitzvah when the person remains an altogether “unspiritual individual”? Would it be proper for me to commit to pray every day if I am not yet prepared to give up non-kosher foods?
Even if we are not prepared to live a holy life, at least let us be honest...
Where are the Revolutionaries? Would Abraham Recognize His Children? RankRankRankRankRankRank
When I was around six years old, I vividly recall – in a type of frozen image, the type that results only from a childhood experience forever etched in our memories – a fistfight that took place in my local synagogue...
“My Name is . . . and I am a Human Being” The Jewish idea of perfection RankRankRankRankRankRank
Imagine asking a Jew, “Did you ever eat on Yom Kippur?” and he answers, “I felt hungry in my stomach.”
Man is the only truly clothed creature—a creature who attires him- or herself not only for warmth and protection, but to alter, enhance, even transform, his very identity.
How can I exclaim, “love G-d with all your heart” when I don’t really feel that way?
Have you ever done any carpentry or one of those Ikea do-it-yourself jobs? They always tell you not to tighten the bolts until the whole thing’s been put together.
Can I wear tzitzit if I drive on Shabbat?
Question: I'm a Jewish man and my wife is not. While my wife is very friendly to the Jewish religion, she fully believes in Christianity. I have not been religious or involved in the Jewish community for a long time, but she thinks I should be more...
Question: I have a question about the kippah. As a Jewish man who is learning about observance, and slowly incorporating observance into his life, I still have a very long way to go. I was wondering: when is the “appropriate” time to begin wearing a...
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