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Saval, Malina

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Malina Saval is the author of "The Secret Lives of Boys: Inside the Raw, Emotional World of Male Teens" (Basic Books). Her articles and essays have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Glamour, Flaunt, Heeb, Forward, the Jerusalem Post, and Variety.
Once a Gotham-like void that went dark after the law offices, jewelry shops and fashion houses closed for the day, Los Angeles’ downtown is now a center of arts and culture, its trendy cafés and chic galleries entertaining a growing number of young profes...
When Ryan Dosetareh arrived at Georgia State University as a freshman in 2004 – primarily a commuter school for Atlanta-area students, many of GSU’s enrollees, like Dosetareh did, bunk at home with their parents – there wasn’t much going on in the way of ...
For most women, heading to the mikvah – the ritual bath that lies at the heart of Jewish family purity laws – does not involve surprise encounters with wild animals, traipsing through three-feet of snow or hacking through a frozen river in subzero tempera...
Never in a million years did Drexel University sophomore Michelle Silberman imagine she’d be spending so much of her time at the school’s new Chabad House.
Laetitia Beck is well on her way to becoming the Sandy Koufax of women’s professional golf.
After spending the past few years on a soul-searching study of Jewish theology and culture, Yerachmiel Goldstein calls Israel’s Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies “the oasis through the desert [that] has been able to supply flowing water for the rest of ...
When Eric Alterman arrived at the University of Colorado as a freshman, he had zero intention of ever celebrating the Sabbath with the local Chasidic family.
For the droves of adventurous Israelis backpacking their way around the world this High Holiday season – many of them young soldiers straight out of the army – Chabad-Luvabitch centers in such far flung tourist havens as Bangkok and San Carlos de Bariloch...
Warm balmy winds won’t be the only thing wafting across the Caribbean this High Holiday season, with 10 island communities – including S. Thomas, Grenada, and the Bahamas – celebrating the Jewish New Year with deeply moving prayer services, delicious kosh...
This week, Hebrew schools from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Pasadena, Calif., geared up for the start of a new academic year, implementing curricula designed to instill in students both a solid foundation of Judaic knowledge and a strong sense of Jewish identity.
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