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Joe Kubert

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Do You Follow Your Convictions? “Whatever Sarah tells you, listen to her voice”
At various junctures in our lives, we may face the difficult decision of doing what we know is best, or conforming to what others expect. How do you choose?
Listen to Her Voice Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 7 Video
Listen to Her Voice
G‑d tells Abaraham, “Whatever Sarah tells you, listen to her voice.” In this class we examine the dilema between doing what others expect of us and doing what is best.
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I found myself questioning the one thing I had always depended on—my Jewish faith...
I was left with a strange feeling that I was out of step with much of America. For my kids don’t know who these celebrities are, and my husband and I have no intention of telling them...
Judaism seems to be the ultimate restriction for a free-spirited, independent young person . . .
Saris, Camels and Tofu Ingredients to Retain My Identity Story
To be true to yourself while sitting in your living room is no big feat. That’s what the angels do in heaven, and they get absolutely no credit for that. The trick is to be yourself in someone else’s living room. To remain who you are no matter where you...
Out of Bounds Raising Children to be Inviduals
I tell the psychiatrist that in our family we are all a bit weird. She seems taken aback by my openness. Perhaps she does not remember as clearly as I do what it means to be a child...
The Wilderness Inside A Passover lesson
There are two ways to use the beauty of this world. One way is to walk into the wild in order to escape one’s inner turmoil, the other is to walk into the wild in order to go towards one’s self . . .
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