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100 years ago this month—unity, humanity and truth overcame a conspiracy of power and hate
In the Beilis trial of 1913 false accusations of ritual murder were leveled against the entire corpus of Torah teaching, the Jewish people generally, and the chassidic movement specifically. Ultimately, Beilis's acquittal was a bittersweet victory; the ce...
A Historical Overview
The history of the Second Holy Temple, from its construction through its destruction 420 years later by the Roman armies.
Essays and stories
Provocative essays and moving stories about the Holocaust, one of the darkest eras in Jewish history.
Sixty years on, people still ask the same questions – Where was G–d during the Holocaust? How can you believe in G–d after the Holocaust? If G–d is just and righteous how could He allow the Holocaust to happen? Why didn’t G–d perform miracles during the H...
Discover the how, when and where of the Chanukah (Hanukkah) miracle.
What the Rebbe Said (and Didn't Say) About the Holocaust
Is G-d responsible? How can His actions (or inaction) be defended? Should they be defended?
Despite the lack of hard evidence supporting his guilt, he was stripped of his military rank, sentenced to deportation, and caused to suffer tremendously—just because he was Jewish.
In the middle of the 12th Century, fanatical Almohad Muslims overran Southern Spain, causing a massive Jewish exodus to the Christian North. At first, the Christians proved to be as tolerant to Jews as were the Muslim rulers of the Golden Age. However, in...
A child survivor of Auschwitz
Belief in G‑d After the Holocaust
Rabbi Nissen Mangel was a 10-year-old child when he came to the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. There he witnessed unspeakable atrocities, but he also witnessed amazing acts of faith. In this moving and powerful talk, Rabbi Mangel tells his firsthand accoun...
The war against the divine image in man
Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. It’s called the 20th century.
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