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Eliezer Wolf

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The Mishnah Revisited
Talmud Study - Lesson 13
In this class, we will revisit our Mishnah. After studying the Talmud's exposition in the past classes, does the Mishnah appear any different now from when we studied it for the first time? Word by word, line by line, we will study the Mishnah again, only...
Tractate Avodah Zarah
Completing a Book of Talmud
Click here for the original text of the Talmud. The tractate of Avodah Zarah (lit. idolatry) discusses all laws relating to idolatry as well as many laws regulating the interaction between Jews and non-Jews. The conclusion of the tractate details the laws...
Resolving Rav Huna's Oath (Part 2)
Talmud Study - Lesson 12
In this second-to-last class of this series, we finally lay to rest all the objections raised against "Rav Huna's Oath."
Resolving Rav Huna's Oath (Part 1)
Talmud Study - Lesson 11
Following the strong objection raised against Rav Huna's oath, the Talmud provides several resolutions in defense of Rav Huna.
The Oath Transfer
Talmud Study - Lesson 10
In this class we conclude studying and clarifying the Mishnah which was introduced in an attempt to challenge "Rav Huna's Oath."
Introducing Rav Huna's Oath
Talmud Study - Lesson 9
We begin this class with exploring possible resolutions for the Talmud's "unresolved" questions, gleaned from the writings of medieval codifiers. Following this, we begin a new segment of the Talmud, which discusses the famous institution known as "Rav Hu...
11 Unresolved Questions - Part 2
Talmud Study - Lesson 8
In continuation from the previous lesson, we once again participate in a most creative brainstorming session of our Sages. Building upon the ruling of our Mishnah, the Sages explore several complex variations of the Mishnah's base scenario. In turn, many ...
11 Unresolved Questions - Part 1
Talmud Study - Lesson 7
In this class, the Sages of the Talmud brainstorm all sorts of rare and complex variations of the basic scenario discussed in the Mishnah. We are then introduced to a ubiquitous Talmudic phenomenon--unresolved questions.
Why is a Borrower Held to a Stricter Standard?
Talmud Study - Lesson 6
How many different interpretations can a single word have? When can we apply the same rules of linguistics to the teachings of different sages? What is it that makes the borrower's pledge so unreliable?
An Ode to Pledges
Talmud Study - Lesson 5
In this class, we explore the nature and reliability of pledges, whether an item found on one's property can be presumed to belong to him, and the evolution process of a halachic sales transaction.
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