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Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship

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A person must behave in a way that is beyond reproach, both the reproach of G‑d and of his fellow man.
What a seemingly negligible detail of the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca tells us about the nature of marriage between man and woman, and the nature of the marriage between man and G‑d we call “life.”
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. XV, p. 281ff. I. Several interpretations are offered for the verse: Bereishis 32:25. “And Yaakov remained alone.” Among them: a) The Talmud states Chulin 91a. (and this interpretation is quoted — with slightly different wording — by...
Chapter 37 3 Joseph…was his most studious son, who absorbed all Israel had learned from Shem and Ever and had in turn taught him…Israel made him a fine woolen robe: By filling him with knowledge of the Torah, Jacob immunized Joseph against all of the...
The Jew faces a paradox when he considers himself: In the eyes of G-d all Jews are equal: They each have a soul whose source is from G-d (“And he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living soul”); but the Jew is an embodied...
Why Do I Need to Know All About the Tabernacle? The significance of the Ark (Aron) in the Mishkan Q&A
I’m not a historian, I am not an architect, and I do not find myself interested in exactly how each fiber of linen was sewn. What am I supposed to learn from these teachings?
A Coin of Fire — The Ultimate Tzedakah The Torah portion of Sisa begins with G-d telling MosheShmos 30:11-16. that, when he takes a census of the Jewish nation, he should do so by having each individual give a half-shekel atonement offering. So powerful...
Why Moshe was Astonished On the verse:Shmos 30:13. “This is what all… should give: a half-shekel, ” the Jerusalem TalmudShekalim 1:4. and the MidrashBamidbar Rabbah 12:3, also cited in Rashi’ s commentary to Shmos 30:13. comment: “The Holy One, blessed be...
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