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Israel, The Land of

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A video tour of Israel
Ancient Roots, Modern Miracles
From Jerusalem to Masada, join veteran tour guide Shalom Pollack on a wondrous journey through Israel, where the past, present and future all share the same space.
The Jew’s Eternal Connection to the Land of Israel
The Land and the People
When G-d informs Abraham that the land of Israel belongs to him and his seed, G-d states that He has in fact already given them the land, and yet, on another occasion, G-d told Abraham that only in the future will He give the land to his offspring? In res...
Has the State of Israel been a success?
The Agony and Ecstasy of Jewish Sovereignty
A critical analysis of Israeli statehood, Jewish identity and Middle East politics since 1948.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
What the Land of Israel Needs From You
How we all contribute to Israel's security by promoting Jewish unity and continuity.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
The Resilient Jewish Spirit
Jewish optimism, idealism and chutzpah -- from the Sderot rocket attacks to Jacob's dream.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
The Real Success of Operation Cast Lead
An awakening of public consciousness that took place during the conflict in Gaza in the winter of 2008-9.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
How to Look at the Land
What does it mean to see the Land of Israel "through the eyes of a Rabbi Akiva?"
with Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau
The Integrity of Israel
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel, delivers a passionate talk in solidarity of Israel.
Lech Lecha: Spotlight on the Holy Land
Israel, it seems, is always in the news. Why? What is so unique about the Jewish homeland that draws so much interest from all over the world?
The Land of Our Inheritance
The open miracles that G-d has shown the Jewish people in the Holy Land in our own times are a powerful reminder of its importance and centrality to the entire nation.
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