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Daniel Schonbuch

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Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, MA, is the Executive Director of Shalom Task Force and author of a new book entitled "First Aid For Jewish Marriages." He maintains a private practice in Marriage and Family Therapy and resides in Crown Heights, NY, with his wife and children. To order a copy of his new book, please visit Rabbi Schonbuch's website.

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Our sages teach that there are three partners in the creation of a child: the mother, the father, and G‑d Himself.
“Why should our father’s name be eliminated from his family because he had no sons? Give us a landholding among our father’s brothers!”
The Korach rebellion was an unholy alliance of individuals and groups unhappy with Moses’ leadership.
Miriam’s self-sacrifice and determination serve as an ever-present inspiration.
Friends for Life Becoming one with your spouse Video
Friends for Life
The Talmud says, “One who dreams of a river, a kettle and a bird will have a happy marriage.” What do these three symbols represent, and what can they teach us about the methods by which couples can increase intimacy?
The Language of Love Becoming One with Your Spouse Video
The Language of Love
A look at different styles of communication and learning how to effectively express your feelings and needs to your spouse.
Becoming Attached Becoming One with Your Spouse Video
Becoming Attached
Attachment Theory provides insights into different "attachment styles" of individuals and how couples can create and sustain closeness and intimacy.
Becoming One with Your Spouse The Art and Science of Marriage Video
Becoming One with Your Spouse
Rabbi and family therapist, Daniel Schonbuch, examines the indispensable ingredients for a successful husband-and-wife relationship.
Parenting Your Jewish Teen Advice from a Family Therapist Video
Parenting Your Jewish Teen
Marriage and family therapist, Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, MA, defines what it means to be an "effective parent" and offers his formula for becoming one.
Parents can find many ways to safely empower teens without allowing them to make dangerous choices. Most of the time the significance of the choices does not matter; even small decisions can make a difference and allow them to feel that they can fulfill...
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