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Religion; Religious Ritual

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Religion; Religious Ritual
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Why Does Judaism Make No Sense? In praise of tribal rituals Q&A RankRankRankRankRankRank
Keeping kosher is not a reasonable act, and neither is Shabbat, or the prohibition against mixing wool and linen. These are neither rational nor religious acts—at least not in the modern understanding of “religious” . . .
Question: I'm learning with a girl who wants to know what tangible benefits she can expect from observing Shabbat. She's not interested in the beauty/psychology of a meaningful day of rest, and discussing anything to do with her relationship with G‑d make...
We spend so much money, time and energy on synagogues, Jewish schools religious institutions. Wouldn't it be better if we applied all those resources to alleviating all the suffering in our world?
Religion, they arugue, stifles the imagination, stunts our creative style, forever shouts instructions and lays down the law. Why would someone want to submit to the rigors of religion when he can be a free spirit?
My father had lots of rules. Some of them I understood, and some of them I didn't understand
Does a moral life equal good fortune? Do things always go right for you if you're a "religious" person?
Many people assumed that it must be difficult for me to believe in G-d or to practice one religion exclusively. They thought studying and teaching comparative religion promotes a relativistic morality wherein all beliefs and practices are equal
Do we? Does G-d? No and yes. We may find, however, when we begin to reveal ourselves more deeply, that a new "companion" is sitting next to us at one of those unending committee meetings
Why does every normal person, regardless of his professed philosophy, regard human life as valuable?
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