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Human Being, The

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The
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What we learn from the first moon landing.
Why Human Beings Matter
Something Spiritual on Parshat Bereishit
Why Was Man Named Adam?
You’re a Small World After All
It is an ancient idea that everything in the universe also exists within us on a small scale. Jewish tradition has plenty of sources mapping the body into the world’s processes, the Torah’s commandments, and the ethical trajectory of human life. The body ...
Practical consequences of what it means to be human
The Nature of the Human Soul
We are not our bodies, nor even our brains. We are our souls. Drawing on years of experience working with families, the elderly and the mentally impaired, as well as his knowledge of Jewish mystical teachings, Rabbi Lipskar argues that we must stop thinki...
Patient Empowerment
Dr. Mordechai Shani is an Israeli physician and medical Professor. Intrigued by the Rebbe’s words to him one Simchas Torah, he decided to follow up with a private audience. The meeting, which discussed developments in healthcare, continues to impact him t...
A different perspective on men, women and relationships
Thank G-d We Are Not Equal!
Contrary to prevailing impressions in many Western societies and cultures, there are essential differences between men and women. Rabbi Forma shares his unique perspective on equality, and argues that when properly understood, it can help make your marria...
Male and Female According to Chassidus
The Spirituality of Gender
The different spiritual make-up of men and women illuminates their respective roles in a healthy relationship.
Can the material brain come to life without a metaphysical soul?
The Biological Interface of the Brain and the Soul
There are scientists who believe that the mind is wholly material. But this position leaves many important neurological questions unanswered. Scientific and religious arguments both indicate that mind, soul and life in general, are likely irreducible to a...
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