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Human Being, The

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The

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The kingdom of the ten tribes. The exile of the ten tribes. The ten tribes today.
Knowing of the great fame of the Torah, Ptolemy II ordered 72 sages to come to Alexandria. When they arrived, he isolated each one to prevent collaboration, and demanded that they translate the Torah into Greek.
Moshiach Parshat Nitzavim
A collection of the sources from the Torah that serve as the basis for belief in Moshiach and for the details regarding Moshiach and the messianic era.
Which famous biblical personalities had noteworthy birthdays? Starting with the first created humans, we chronicle some of the historic Jewish birthday moments.
Judaism's position on cremation touches on some of its most basic and principal beliefs. This article offers a detailed explanation reagrding the origins of this prohibitions, as well as the implications of such an act.
The Seder Service in a Nutshell A quick, one-page overview of the Passover Meal’s steps
A quick overview of the Seder’s steps; click on the print button and it becomes a quick reference during the Seder . . .
Make use of your mental Photoshop program and insert yourself into the picture. You will be experiencing the drama along with the others; you will try to feel their pain and plight. Ready?
Passover-Land: Where Dreams Come True Does Passover have a bipolar disorder?
If I was to psychoanalyze the Passover Seder, I’d diagnose it as bipolar.
Glossary A Glossary of Terms used in the Passover Site and in the Haggadah
A glossary of terms used throughout the Passover site, in the Haggadah and in general discussions of Passover
What do we do when a bad dream becomes too horrible to bear? We make ourselves wake up, and all the impossible predicaments and disturbing contradictions disappear as if they never were.
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