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Halachah (Torah law)

Knowledge Base » Torah, The » Halachah (Torah law)
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Halachah (Torah law): (lit. “the pathway”); (a) the body of Jewish law; (b) a single law
Jewish laws and customs in 15 minute lessons
Practical Halachah With Rabbi Shusterman
Learn Jewish laws and customs with renowned halachic expert Rabbi Yosef Shusterman. This series of fifteen-minute lessons on Jewish observances and traditions is presented in a clear and to-the-point style.
Halachah from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Introduction to Halachah and the Morning Hand Washing
This class provides a basic overview of the evolution of halacha, and also discusses the laws of waking in the morning, including the ritual hand washing.
Kabbalah facts and fantasies
The Jewish take on becoming compulsive
How scrupulous is too scrupulous? At what point does religious observance start to become neurotic?
To someone who had a difficult situation and asked if he could get a “rabbinical dispensation” to do something otherwise not permissible: Sorry for the delay in answering. I needed to ponder this for a while, as well as to speak with an expert or two. Fir...
We claim to believe in the Bible, but it seems to me that in reality we're controlled by a small group of old men and their Talmud...
Why the obsession with such insignificant details as how many ounces of matza do I eat, which spoon did I use for milk and which for meat, what is the right way to tie my shoelaces? It seems to me that this misses the bigger picture by focusing on minutia...
Differing customs reflect the multiplicity of ways of relating to G‑d that characterize our people.
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