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Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi

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Everywhere Revealed How everyone, children included, can apprehend the unknowable essence of G-d
In a single cryptic sentence R. Schneur Zalman of Liaidi pushed the limits of divine knowledge to an unprecedentedly esoteric height and paradoxically declared that the loftiest peak is openly accessible to all.
The Golden Tzitz A mysterious ornament worn on the high priest’s forehead
The kohen gadol (high priest) wore eight garments and accessories when serving in the Holy Temple. Let’s explore one of the lesser-known ones: the golden tzitz.
The Tzitz The Gold Band Worn by the High Priest Video
The Tzitz
One of the special garments and articles worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple was a golden band placed on the forehead. Understanding the significance and symbolism of the Tzitz.
Our prayers are not just slogans, our tunes and chants are credos of our belief, and our festivals and holidays are a reflection of our history. Every ritual and ceremony is packed full of purpose.
The Names of the Tribes on the Ephod
The High Priest's apron-like garment called the "ephod" had gems over the shoulder straps with the names of the twelve tribes engraved in them. The classical sources differ as to the order in which the tribes were named on the jewels. A spiritual...
Pure Gold on His Forehead When Jews with chutzpah looked upon the forehead plate of the High Priest, their hearts broke and they searched their deeds.
When Jews with chutzpah looked upon the forehead plate of the High Priest, their hearts broke and they searched their deeds.
How do we reconcile the importance of publicizing good deeds with the Jewish value of modesty?
Chassidic Discourse on Circumcision "On that very day, Avrohom was circumcised..."
“On that very day, Abraham was circumcised.”Bereishis 17:26. Many Torah commentaries pose the question: Why didn’t Abraham circumcise himself beforehand? [The TalmudYoma 28b. declares, that Abraham] fulfilled the entire Torah before it was given,...
A new translation of this classic primary text of Chassidic thought in easy-to-read, contemporary English.
We already know from our sages that the purpose behind creation of this world is G‑d's desire to dwell in the lowest realms. But what did they mean by lowest?
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