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Susan Handelman

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Dr. Susan Handelman is a professor of English at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. A native of Chicago, she is the author of two books on Jewish thought and a translator of the Rebbe's book "On the Essence of Chassidus."

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Feminism and Orthodoxy What It's All About
The innovations and increase in Torah study of recent generations connects to and is emphasized more in relation to women...
Jewish Grandchildren Beyond the usual platitudes, why is the family so important in Judaism?
My aim here is not to engage directly in arguments about the Torah's view of homosexuality, or feminism, or the problems of singles in the Jewish community. Rather, these questions have raised for me a deeper, underlying question: Beyond the usual platitu...
Putting Women in the Picture The Rebbe’s views on women today
A personal account of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s attitude towards feminism.
We really should not have to die at all, despite Adam's sin. And G-d, so to speak, is sensitive to this. It "embarrasses" Him...
He made of each Chasid a "rebbe," made each Chasid feel that responsibility and love for every Jew, made each Jew sense her or his own greatness and holiness.
Something about turning forty makes it different from all other birthdays. What is so significant about this number that makes us approach it with such ambivelent feelings?
"Moshiach does not want to overwhelm us, because if he were going to overwhelm us, he could have come 100 years ago"
We cannot logically understand the Divine laws of niddah and Family Purity, but we can try to understand them spiritually.
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