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Purim: (lit. "lots"), the holiday that commemorates the Jews' salvation from Haman's plot to annihilate them.
Purim How-To Guide Your 2016 Purim guide contains the story of Purim and all you need to know about the 4 mitzvahs of Purim and the other observances of the day RankRankRankRankRankRank
This user-friendly wizard walks you through all of Purim's traditions and customs.
Purim The Fun Holiday RankRankRankRankRankRank
Purim is the wildest, most action-packed day of the Jewish year. 2400 years ago, Haman ordered genocide of the Jews. His plan was thwarted by Esther and Mordechai—and we celebrate!
Why is this seemingly trivial detail of Haman's plot magnified to the extent that the holiday is named after it? And why is the holiday given a name drawn from the Persian language?
Purim is observed each year on the 14th of Adar, celebrating the deliverance of the Jewish people from the wicked Haman in the days of Queen Esther of Persia, as described in the book of Esther.
Purim in Halachah Contemporary Halachah from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
Purim in Halachah
Purim Mini-Chassidim
Some mini-chassidim give an entertaining lesson in Purim observance. (Produced by Adam Nesenoff)
The Purim Lottery The Holiday of Purim Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
The Purim Lottery
The festival of Purim is named after the lots that the wicked Haman casted to determine the “best” date to carry out his evil scheme. In the end, however, the date proved to be propitious for the Jews. What is the connection between a lottery and Jewish s...
Purim and the Letter “Mem”
The four special mitzvahs of Purim all start with the letter “mem”: 1) Megillah, 2) Mishloach manot (sending food gifts to friends), 3) Matanot la’evyonim (charity to the poor), and 4) Mishteh (a festive meal). What is the deeper significance of this conn...
Purim and Speech Letters and Numbers of the Festivals—Purim Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
Purim and Speech
The name Purim means "lotteries." The first letter of this word is the letter peh which also means "mouth." The entire story of Purim is really about the various "mouths" that spoke up at various times.
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