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Gid Hanasheh (sciatic nerve)

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Gid Hanasheh (sciatic nerve): Consumption of the sciatic nerve is biblically forbidden, to commemorate Jacob’s victory over an angel after they wrestled all night. The angel dislodged Jacob’s sciatic nerve.
Technically, filet mignon is as kosher as any other cut of meat. The problem with filet mignon and other cuts from the rear is that they are located near the sciatic nerve and fatty deposits known in Hebrew as chelev, which are Biblically forbidden.Genesi...
Why, in this case, do we remember something by not eating?
Just because 4,000 years ago one of my ancestors had a hip dislocated, I need to forgo a good rump steak?
How we inject spirituality into the butchering process
I doubt if the stirring cry "Never again," has, on its own, dissuaded even one young man or woman from assimilating. If the only message our children hear is "remain Jewish, because of the Holocaust" wouldn't this, if anything, propel the process of assim...
This class explains the mitzvah of not eating the gid hanasheh -- the sciatic nerve -- and how it represents the true meaning of divine providence.
Negative Commandment 183 It is forbidden to eat the "Gid-HaNasheh" Book RankRankRankRankRankRank
Genesis 32:33 "Therefore the children of Israel shall not eat the sinew of the thigh-vein" When Jacob fought with the angel, (see Genesis 32), the angel pushed his hip out of place. Despite this wound, Jacob continued his battle with the angel and forced ...
A Kosher Butcher Practical Parshah—Vayishlach Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
A Kosher Butcher
The story of Jacob’s struggle with an angel provides the source for the prohibition of eating the sciatic nerve of an animal. In this class, other complicated issues involving the preparation of kosher meat are also discussed.
When mentioning the prohibition against partaking of gid hanesheh, the displaced tendon,[I.e., the inner sinew, the sciatic nerve. This is forbidden by Scriptural Law. The outer sinew, identified with the peroneal nerve, is forbidden by Rabbinic Law (Chul...
Divine Providence and the Sciatic Nerve
As a remembrance that Jacob's sciatic nerve was damaged in his wrestling match with an angel, the Torah forbids us from eating the sciatic nerve (gid hanashe) of an animal. Interestingly, this also shows us the extent to which every detail of our lives is...
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