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Food; Eating

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Thirty essays and stories on the cosmology and geometry, wonder and whimsy, guilt and desire, politics and economics, history and future, the Talmud and the Kabbalah of food
Tu B’Shevat & the Four Levels of Eating
When we eat properly, we can taste the Divine Presence whether the physical taste is pleasing or not.
The pressure of dieting and physical appearance is something that my eight-year-old daughter is already aware of! Occasionally she will pat her round little belly and ask me if I think that she is fat. She is a little chubbier than some of her friends, bu...
I think that the biggest learning curve is that I need to be conscious, at all times, of what I am doing and what I am eating. To be healthy requires planning, and it doesn’t come naturally. Or, maybe it comes naturally, but it certainly doesn’t come easi...
Somehow, very early on along the way, eating became mechanical, emotional, social, comforting, and generally filled with mindlessness . . .
I think the solution to elevating life lies in a box of raisins. It lies in being fully present and noticing the tiny nuances that take place in every bite of our lives . . .
Based on Zohar Teruma 153
"You shall make a Table of acacia wood..." Food for the whole world emerges from this table , so it should not be empty even for one moment. There should be food on it, because the blessing is not present in an empty place.
One of the most common problems I address with patients involves the treatment of chronic pain. The day-to-day aches and pains that make life sometimes unbearable . . .
The food that we eat has valuable spiritual elements even for angels.
The food that we eat has valuable spiritual elements even for angels.
Our Journey to Keeping Kosher
Genius that she is, my mom didn't try to force me. She knew better than to give a teenager something to rebel against. We had an agreement; in the house we would keep kosher, out of the house I could do what I wanted...
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