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Food; Eating

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Thirty essays and stories on the cosmology and geometry, wonder and whimsy, guilt and desire, politics and economics, history and future, the Talmud and the Kabbalah of food
Holy Pleasure: The Tikun of Eating Tu B’Shevat & the Four Levels of Eating RankRankRankRankRankRank
When we eat properly, we can taste the Divine Presence whether the physical taste is pleasing or not.
Not only do we get to act like kids again when we dress up for Purim, but we get to eat like them as well! From making hamantashen to some great ideas for your shalach manot gift baskets, this section will help make your Purim that much more enjoyable!
Make sure to begin the New Year right with foods that carry symbolic meaning and Jewish tradition, and that are, of course, absolutely delicious!
My Body and I A Fasting Meditation RankRankRankRankRankRank
I understand that fasting on Yom Kippur is supposed to make me focus on my soul rather than my body. But by around lunch time I am so hungry that for the rest of the day all I can think about is food. Doesn't this defeat the purpose?
From traditional kreplach to the soon-to-be-classic Pumpkin Soup...
if G‑d wanted to miraculously ensure our survival in a desert, He needn’t have invented manna. He could have reduced our dependency on food. No appetite, no hunger, no problem . . .
What is the Torah’s view on meat eating? In our Parshah, the laws and preconditions for eating “meat of desire” (i.e., meat whose consumption is not a mitzvah or a necessity) are set forth—prompting much discussion in the Talmud, the commentaries, and the...
The food we consume affects us on a soul-level, influencing our character and affecting our natural tendencies
We have too much good in this world. More people are suffering from overeating than under eating. Yes, yes you can't leave something on your plate without thinking of the starving children in India
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