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Kosher: (lit. "fit"); (a) complying with the dietary laws; (b) fit to be used for ritual purposes
Kosher Eating Jewishly RankRankRankRankRankRank
The how and why of keeping kosher, in a step-by-step "wizard" that walks you through the basics and "advanced readings" that offer more detailed study
Kosher from A to Z . . . All the basic information you’ll need about the laws of kosher and eating. Meat and dairy . . . Blood removal . . . kosher animals . . . food blessings . . .
Kosher - A Diet for the Soul Jewish Essentials - Part 3 Video RankRankRankRankRankRank
Kosher - A Diet for the Soul
Learn the basic principles for the Jew’s diet of kosher and whet your palette with its significance and meaning. This class is the third of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
A vegan restaurant would not have a hard time getting kosher certification. However, as long as there is no such certification one should not eat there. There are many reasons why a strictly vegan establishment requires kosher certification. Here are a fe...
Sarah Question: How am I supposed to keep a kosher kitchen when my husband still wants to cook shrimp in it? Both my husband and I were born into a non-observant families. Now, however, I want to start keeping kosher, but my husband has no interest in doi...
Question: I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm unable to control it adequately with oral medication, and thus require insulin injections. The products my doctor is suggesting are made either from human cadavers or porcine (pork) product. What should I do? Answ...
The advantage is living a holistic, truthful life, where G‑d isn't relegated to the synagogue and barred from the dining room and kitchen. By observing the kosher laws, we are mindful of G‑d and connect to Him even as we do something as mundane as eating....
The rabbis of the Talmud discuss this question.Bechorot 7b The Mishnah states "that which comes from something which is not kosher is not kosher, and that which comes from something which is kosher is kosher." So, for example, the milk of a camel or the e...
Can you give me some ideas how I can make the transition into a kosher home just a little bit easier?
All About Kosher Fish Parshat Shemini RankRankRankRankRankRank
In order to render a fish kosher, the scales must be visible to the naked eye and they must be easy to remove from the skin of the fish. If the scales can be only be removed after soaking the fish in scalding water, there are differing views as to whether...
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