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Results 1-10 of 56 Depression
Question: For years, I’ve suffered failure and disappointment again and again. Now, my doctor sent me to a psychiatrist who gave me a diagnosis of clinical depression. I’m taking medication, which helps, and some CBT therapy twice a week. Also exercise....
Kosher Kung Fu What’s really hiding under the ugly face of darkness? Blog RankRankRankRankRankRank
Kosher Kung Fu
There’s only one way to transform the ugliest, nastiest, darkest gunk of this world: by letting it make you stronger. That’s when you’ve ripped off its mask . . .
Good Grief Is Sad Bad? RankRankRankRankRankRank
"There is nothing as whole as a broken heart" goes one chassidic saying. "Depression is not a sin; but what depression does, no sin can do" declaims another.
The approaching festival of Passover makes us confront issues concerning good battling against evil, escape from enslavement by enemies, the triumph of light over darkness. There are such battles on a national level, and they also exist within a person in...
I was a little shocked that the weekly Torah portion read in the synagogue on the Sabbath was named after the wicked king, Balak, who schemed to curse the Jews in the desert. Couldn’t a more fitting name be found for this Torah portion?
I'm all for happiness, but to be fully human means to be able to acknowledge and express the full range of emotions which G‑d gave us.
How to deal with anxiety and worry, depression and self-pity, nagging guilt, feelings of inadequacy and self-blame. Only once liberated from all the above can the soul soar freely.
Sometimes the yetzer hara deceives you by telling you that you committed a grave sin when there was really no sin at all or [at worst you violated] a mere stringency. His intent is that you should feel depressed as a result thereof, and thus be kept from...
Simchah (joy) is a bulldozer that can break through barriers, but depression can lead to apathetic paralysis. In the chassidic way of life, “Serve G-d with joy” is not just an adage but the living agenda of a chassid. Just imagine two wrestlers fighting...
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