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Terrorism in Israel

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Any kitchen can be made kosher. Whether your kitchen is up-to-the minute in fashionable design or a relic of the 1920s, whether you have a spacious “great room” or a tiny galley kitchen, you can readily adapt it to kosher practices. How to Begin: Even...
Helpful advice on the particulars of preparing for Shabbat from setting up the kitchen to setting the table
Cleaning / Laundry for Families / Electrical Devices and Appliances / The Eruv: Carrying on Shabbat / Dishwashing on Shabbat / Opening Packages / Remember
Major Inconveniences / All-Shabbat (Sleepover) Guests / Could Ruin Your Shabbat / Tiredness / “Just the Family” / A Fountain of Yiddishkeit / The Fear Of Being Judged: Your Cooking & Your Ego
General 1. While traveling a person should not totally neglect the study of Torah. Rather, he should be occupied with Torah study as it states (Devarim 6:7), “veshinantam...uvelechtacha vaderech” — “and you shall learn...when you are on your way.”...
The Talmud tells us that there are 613 commandments in the Torah; 248 Positive Commandments (do's) and 365 Negative Commandments (do not's). Here's a complete list --as compiled by Maimonides.
In addition to the basic kosher laws (such as the kosher species of meat and fish, and the separation of meat and dairy), there are several other kosher considerations. Here are some of them . . .
You thought challah refers to the two braided loaves of bread reserved for Shabbat meals? It does, but mainly, challah is the small chunk of dough we tear off and burn . . .
Matzah The Edible Mitzvah
Matzah is more than a food, it's the way we relive the Exodus. It's also the only mitzvah we have today that we actually eat and digest...
Bat Mitzvah: What It Is and How to Celebrate An overview: Everything you need to know about becoming a bat mitzvah
Mazal Tov! Are you preparing for your Bat Mitzvah? Planning your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah? Feeling curious, overwhelmed, excited, nervous or unsure? Then this site is for you! This article will help you understand the significance of this milestone and...
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