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Terrorism in Israel

Results 1-4 of 4 Terrorism in Israel
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Peace Upon the Land The Torah Solution to Achieving True Peace in Israel. RankRankRankRankRankRank
Peace Upon the Land
Throughout Jewish history, through times serene and turbulent, the People of Israel looked to the Torah for guidance and stability. Only through steadfast adherence to Torah principles, - the Rebbe insisted - can Israel achieve true peace.
Debunking the Myths of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Get the facts to defend Israel RankRankRankRankRankRank
Debunking the Myths of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Israel is routinely accused of genocide, war crimes, illegal occupation and more. Do you know how to respond to all the lies? This powerful presentation will empower you with the facts to defend Israel from the rising tide of anti-Semitism and the hate-fi...
The Resilient Jewish Spirit Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
The Resilient Jewish Spirit
Jewish optimism, idealism and chutzpah -- from the Sderot rocket attacks to Jacob's dream.
The Blessing of a Broken Heart A journey of healing from horrific grief
The Blessing of a Broken Heart
Koby Mandell was just thirteen on May 8, 2001, when he and his friend cut school to go hiking. Their bodies were found the next day. The boys had been brutally stoned to death in a cave in the heart of the Judean desert. Koby’s mom, Sherri Mandell, shares...
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