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Temple Mount

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Are Jews permitted to go up to the Temple Mount on the other side of the Western Wall? Also, can we build the Holy Temple and/or bring sacrifices today?
The complex legal history of Judaism's holiest site
The Temple Mount in International Law
Though the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is technically under Israeli sovereignty. But due to the complex history of the site's status under international and Israeli law, and also due to Jewish legal (i.e. halachic) considerations, access to Jews remains sev...
with Lawrence Schiffman
The Temple Mount
Professor Lawrence Schiffman, a noted scholar, details the rich historical significance of the sacred sites of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem up until their modern day status.
The focal point of the Temple Mount was a central courtyard containing the structure of the Bet Hamikdash. The rest of the area contained various rooms and buildings...
The very existence of the argument for "land vs. peace" is based on two very mistaken premises
Mount Sinai vs. the Temple Mount offers perspective
What Do You Know About Your Great-Grandparents?
Part 3
The historical and mystical underpinnings of the Holy Temple on Mount Moriyah.
At the threshold of reality
To an ecologist, nothing is as interesting as the foothills, where two ecosystems meet.
Artist’s Statement: Old Jerusalem. View of the Temple Mount from a window.
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