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The Temple Menorah

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The Temple Menorah: The seven-branched gold candelabra in the Temple.
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The deeper meaning behind the different opinions in the Talmud and commentaries regarding the menorah’s spatial alignment inside the Temple, and regarding the identity of its miraculous “western lamp.”
Did the menorah have circular or straight branches?
The Design of the Temple Menorah
The menorah is possibly the most popular Jewish symbol, yet there’s much confusion as to how it really looked.
Despite the depiction of the Temple menorah on the Arch of Titus, Chabad makes a point of depicting the menorah with straight, diagonal branches. Why?
The Light of the Jewish People
The Symbolism of the Menorah
The menorah is symbolic of the indestructible core essence of the Jew. Learn interesting elements of the menorah in the Holy Temple and their mystical significance.
Five on Five—Behaalotecha
Lighting Up a Soul
How to light up the life of another.
Question: Is the menorah that we light on Chanukah the same as the one that was lit in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? Please clarify. Response: Good question! The Hebrew word menorah means “lamp” or “candelabra.” The menorah in the Tabernacle, and later in...
Both the Menorah and the showbread table of the Temple are symbolized by the Chanukah menorah.
We can inspire our children, or teach them to inspire themselves. We can be their wings, or teach them to fly.
When Golda Meir famously joked that the Jewish people had managed, after forty years of wandering, to end up in the only country in the Middle East with no oil, she was only partially right...
Is the light of the Chanukah menorah so faint that it can only illuminate its immediate vicinity? And as such must be lit after dark, and in direct proximity to the darkness it wishes to counteract?
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