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The compatibility of science and religion vs. science and atheism
Can G-d and Science Coexist?
A world renowned philosopher of science debunks the common myth that science is at odds with religion, and explains how it is actually atheism that is incompatible with the scientific method.
How to Reconcile Torah and Science
The Age of the Universe
Can we reconcile the Torah’s narrative of creative with the prevailing scientific view on the age of the universe?
A Jewish Historical Perspective
Science and Religion
In the debate about science and religion, there are radical camps on both sides. However, various Jewish approaches, suggest Professor Cantor, have historically transcended both extremes.
Calculating the Lunar Cycle
Astronomy and Torah
Astrophysicist, Dr. Jeremy Schnittman, discusses how studying astronomy can be a spiritual experience and explains the astoundingly accurate calculations that the Sages used for determining the appearance of the new moon.
Scientific Dogma
Science, Faith and Creation
The limits of science in understanding the nature and purpose of our existence.
Judaism and genetic memory
Hereditary Belief
The uniqueness of the miracle of Chanukah, the triumph of the supernatural over the natural and how we inherit faith.
Bridging faith and science
The Abraham Principle
Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD, bridges modern science and traditional faith by walking us through the Biblical Patriarch’s cognitive journey as he analyzes nature to discover the underlying unity of all phenomena, the One we call G-d. Abraham is portrayed as an ...
How the great scientist engaged with the ultimate questions of reality and religion
Albert Einstein & the G-d Dilemma
There are many approaches to the relationship between science and religion. But Einstein didn't take one consistent approach. He grappled with scientific mystery and religious wonder in different ways throughout his life.
The Science of Shabbat
Observing Shabbat offers powerful benefits even on a very pragmatic level. Addressing a visiting group of young adults, Rabbi Lipskar from The Shul of Bal Harbour shares the significance of Shabbat and Jewish identity for a contemporary Jew.
Can the material brain come to life without a metaphysical soul?
The Biological Interface of the Brain and the Soul
There are scientists who believe that the mind is wholly material. But this position leaves many important neurological questions unanswered. Scientific and religious arguments both indicate that mind, soul and life in general, are likely irreducible to a...
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