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Exploring the interplay between faith and logic, religion and critical thinking, tradition and technology
Exploring the interplay between faith and logic, religion and critical thinking, tradition and technology. Essays, Stories, Questions and Answers.
Mind Over Matter is freely translated from the Rebbe's talks, discourses and letters on science, technology and medicine. It covers such diverse topics as proof of the Creator, origin of the species, aviation, fate vs. freedom, geometry, medicine and more...
In the traditional view of the Bible, the world is a mere five and a half thousand years old and was created in six days. Surely modern science proves that the world is billions of years old and man evolved through a process of evolution, thus laying to r...
Discovering G-d through science
Faith & Science
How deep can Talmud go?
Quantum logic helps explain a halachic ruling of Maimonides, a puzzling story of the Talmud, a Midrash about the splitting of the Sea of Reeds, and a rabbinic teaching about the relationship between Torah and existence.
For millennia we were ridiculed for believing that the world began, cause and effect are not inherently linked, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the human psyche is multi-layered...
Torah & modern physics believe in complete unity of the universe.
Heart, Mind, Behavior and Purpose
The 11th Miami International Torah and Science Conference
World renowned scholars, rabbis, bioethicists, physicians, physicists and other advanced professionals examine Torah wisdom and scientific knowledge about the universe, human life, and the mind.
The compatibility of science and religion vs. science and atheism
Can G-d and Science Coexist?
A world renowned philosopher of science debunks the common myth that science is at odds with religion, and explains how it is actually atheism that is incompatible with the scientific method.
How to Reconcile Torah and Science
The Age of the Universe
Can we reconcile the Torah’s narrative of creative with the prevailing scientific view on the age of the universe?
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